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JEMz Contemporary Classes

8+ Years (class dependent)
Beginners and Syllabus: All Abilities
Advanced: By selection only
Jennie, Toni and Katie
Class Information

Our Contemporary Classes offer our students excellent teaching in this very popular dance style. Whether you wish to improve your overall dance technique, you want to get ahead with GCSE/A Level practical dance requirements or want auditions ideas for any dance applications, these classes will put you through your paces.

Our Advanced Choreography group are selected by our instructors in an annual audition based on who they believe to have shown true technical potential as well as having the ability to show their passion for dance using facial expressions and emotion in their movements, reflecting the class motto, ‘’Putting Meaning to Movement’’. The group also have the opportunity to perform on a prestigious West End stage, Sadler’s Wells.

The NATD Syllabus class is a brand new contemporary class launching in September 2017. More information can be found here.

Throughout the duration of the year both classes are continually working towards the Learning Curves shows and showcases as well as performances at local festivals and fetes. However this is not all. Every term we have a ‘Professional Practice Lesson’ allowing students to experience what a true audition would be like.

If you wish to continue in the performing arts field or are due to take any auditions then come along to the JEMz classes! Our dedicated instructors are happy to help!

Previous Performances

Year: Venue: Routines: Choreographers:
2017 Sadler's Wells &

The Birmingham Hippodrome

Survivor Jennie
Going Under Jennie
2016 Sadler's Wells &

The Birmingham Hippodrome

Boots on the Ground Jennie
Once Upon a Dream Jennie & Toni
2015 Sadler's Wells &

The Birmingham Hippodrome

Krwling Jennie & Toni
Say Something Jennie
2014 Sadler's Wells Fix You Jennie
Knights of Cydonia Jennie & Toni
2013 The Royal Albert Hall Read All About It Jennie & Toni
2012 Sadler's Wells Numb (Mix) Jennie & Toni
Someone Like You Jennie
2011 Sadler's Wells Please Forgive Me Jennie & Toni
Candlelight Jennie
2010 Sadler's Wells Butterflies and Hurricanes Jennie & Toni
Fields of Innocence Jennie
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