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Urban Legendz Street Dance Classes

Urban Juniors: 8-12 Years
Urban Seniors: 13+ Years
All Abilities Welcome!
Elise and Beth
Class Information

Our 'Urban' Street Classes are purely street orientated and are available to all those students who are eight years old and up. The classes aim to build a dancers strength, stamina and agility whilst enhancing their knowledge and performance of 'street dance'.

'Street dancing' is commonly used to identify many hip-hop styles that began appearing in the U.S in the 1970s and are still evolving within the street and hip-hop culture today. It provides students with the opportunity to explore and develop the skills that are the pure essence of “street” including breaking, locking and popping.

Our street dancers are often selected for a large number of performances and shows.

For more information on this very popular class please call on 07989 44 88 62.

Don’t forget we offer a FREE taster session!

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