LCD offers a large and varied timetable running over various days at The Edge Dance Studio at Alderbrook School .

Street Dance
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Our 'Urban' Street Classes are purely street orientated and are available to all those students who are eight years old and up. The classes aim to build a dancers strength, stamina and agility whilst enhancing their knowledge and performance of 'street dance'.

'Street dancing' is commonly used to identify many hip-hop styles that began appearing in the U.S in the 1970s and are still evolving within the street and hip-hop culture today. It provides students with the opportunity to explore and develop the skills that are the pure essence of “street” including breaking, locking and popping.

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We have an Urban Legendz performance crew that is regularly invited to perform at events. This is an audition only performance team with auditions held once a year. Ask your teachers for more information.